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Prolozone/Prolotherapy Therapy

“Prolo” is short for proliferation, because the treatment causes the proliferation (growth, formation) of new ligament tissue in areas where it has become weak.

Prolotherapy involves the injection of an irritant solution into a joint space, weakened ligament, or tendon insertion to relieve pain. Most commonly, hyperosmolar dextrose (a sugar) is the solution used; glycerine, lidocaine, phenol and sodium morrhuate (a derivative of cod liver oil extract) are other commonly used agents. The injection is administered at joints or at tendons where they connect to bone.

Prolotherapy treatment sessions are generally given every two to six weeks for several months in a series ranging from 3 to 6 or more treatments.

ProlozoneTM is derived from the word ozone and the Latin word “proli”. It literally means rebuilding tissues with ozone. ProlozoneTM therapy involves the injection of ozone into soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons. This causes a localized inflammation in these weak areas, which then increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients, the blastic stimulation of anabolic cells such as fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and chondroblasts. These effects stimulate the tissue to repair itself, strengthening and tightening and thereby stabilizing the area.

The injection of “proliferating” agents first began in the 1830's, when potent chemical irritants were used to treat hernias non-surgically. Prolotherapy in one form or another has been used in Europe for over 40 years, and over the past ten years, Dr Shallenberger improved with Prolozone TM Therapy for a more effective, less painful and more gentle procedure.

FAQ for Prolozone/Prolotherapy Therapy

What is the difference between Prolotherapy, ProlozoneTM versus Cortisone Injection Treatment? 

Prolotherapy and ProlozoneTM injections use different sclerosing substances to regenerate, strengthen and heal tissues damaged by injury, wear and tear and as a result, control pain. Cortisone injection reduces inflammation and pain by inhibiting the healing mechanism and acts against the normal body reaction that would lead to healing of the damaged tissues causing the pain. Damage tissues never heal correctly and pain comes back.

What are the medical conditions treated with this Therapy? 

Injuries to ligaments, tendons and soft tissues of the appendicular skeleton cannot be visualized on x- rays, and as such, have largely been ignored as a potential source of chronic pain. Prolotherapy/Prolozone leads to healing of these soft tissues and thus controls the pain.
The treatment is equally excellent for many different types of musculo-skeletal pain, including neck pain, unresolved whiplash, degenerated or herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, torn tendons, TMJ syndrome, sciatica, heel spurs, neuromas, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, knee injuries, and virtually any other sports injury.

How Does Prolozone Therapy Work?

Works by injecting a mixture of ozone, procaine, vitamin B12 and other nutrient preparations into soft tissues and/or ligaments or tendons where the pain is. This causes a localized inflammation and anabolic effect in these weak areas, which then increases the blood supply, and stimulates the deposition of fibroblasts, the cells which the body uses to repair damaged connective tissue. The high level of reactivity found in the unstable third atom of oxygen present in ozone, seems to initiate just the right level of inflammation, which when combined with the innate safety of ozone, makes it the ideal proliferating agent.
Although other proliferating agents can and have been used, ozone has three distinct advantages over these agents. First, it is gentler and causes less pain; moreover, it has strong antimicrobial activity, hence the chance of getting infection is minimal. Second, since it is a gas; it diffuses into the treated area more effectively, and is more likely to “find” the area of laxity. Hence, it will greatly improve the odds of healing. Lastly, there are no side effects with ozone, making it much more user friendly than other sclerosing substances.

The response to Prolozone injection varies from individual to individual, and depends upon one’s healing ability. Some patients get significant results after the first or second treatments while some others may need as many as ten. The injections are repeated every 1-2 weeks. This is a distinction from classical sclerosing agents which often require from 5 – 10 painful treatments in order to see substantial results. ProlozoneTM therapy results actually represent a permanent fix. However, due to wear and tear, the patient may need a “booster” injection every year or so after the initial series. When ProlozoneTM therapy is administered correctly, there is an 85% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to becoming completely pain free.

What are the side effects and precautions about Prolozone Therapy? 

The ozone in the injection can cause a local reaction or inflammation at the site of injection. Following the injection, the patient may be a little sore for a few days, although this is usually uncommon. Because the inflammation produced is very important for the healing process, it is important that the patient does not use any anti-inflammatory medications during the 48 hours after the injection. For the same reason, areas that have been previously treated with steroid or cortisone injections cannot be treated with ProlozoneTM until these injections have worn off.
For more information, please visit www.antiagingmedicine.com/procedures.htm

What other countries practice Ozone Therapy besides US and Canada? 

UK, Australia, Italy, Indonesia, South Africa, India, etc, a total of 24 countries listed with the American Academy of Ozonotherapy.

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